Metaverse was building an emotional era in the world of fearless people. Over all the struggles and hard times we went through, the true spirit of mother earth was giving birth to the first Metarock that would invade Metaverse. In the beginning, everything was perfect, time was the important thing in life. Then all of a sudden everything was corrupted by evil human beings. Meanwhile, Metarock was organizing at the heart of the Metaverse. Unexpectedly, their instincts took action and they decided to save this cruel world.

Most of the Metarocks are born for dominating the Metaverse that they live in. Their nature is not letting to obey the rules or anything else like that. Even they are totally different from each other they know how to act organized, they are alive. They do not see, they feel. You can not lie about anything in front of them. When they feel something evil about you, you have to take care of yourself otherwise you can be punished instantly. Also, they do not only live, but they are also learning and growing step by step. 


Metarock is a collection of 1/1 totally unique 60 FPS NFTs all drifting in Metaverse on the ALGO blockchain. There is a very deep and scientific story behind this collection. As Metarock Club we invite you to experience this story and own the gems of the future world.


Hyper-realistic 1/1 unique Metarocks

Grow bigger community

Mixed treat drops in the future (including airdrops)

Various Artist/Scientist Collaborations

Collaboration with a Metaverse

Meet our

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The ideas and the art

Community Management & Marketing

Smart Contracts &